Any member of the Order is permitted to request specific potions or poisons from the Alchemists of House Oleander. This document outlines the proper format for an Alchemy Contract that should be created as a new thread in the Alchemy Contract Requests folder. Once a contract is posted there, it is open to be claimed by one of House Oleander's alchemists, and work can commence.

You, requesting the contract, must follow a few simple steps when requesting an Alchemy Contract.

Firstly, take the code from below and copy it
Then create a new thread in the Alchemy Contract Requests folder, as linked above.
Paste the code into your blank thread, and fill out the appropriate information
Title the thread "Alchemy Contract [your name] - [contracted alchemist's name]"
If you have not already spoken to an Alchemist of Oleander who has agreed to take on your contract, title your thread "Alchemy Contract [your name] - OPEN"

Spoiler: Contract CodeShow

If posting an Open Contract, once it has been claimed the Alchemist will comment on your thread indicating that they have claimed your Contract and will begin working on it.

The Alchemist will work on your contract in the private Oleander 'Contracts' folder, posting any progress on the contract in a new thread in here, until it is completed. Once finished, they will comment on your thread indicating the potion is completed and ready for collection. This may take some time, as the alchemists may attempt several methods, or need to run special events to help in the creation of your potion.