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Atira/Schentrig DarthAliitFMLOS Lore of the Day: A specter of an ancient force user! A Force Ghost is what remains of an individual whom has refused to pass over because their task was not yet done or they were unfulfilled in their goals. While the jedi merge with the force often this is the path for a sith after death. Force Ghosts often tie to an area they frequented, an individual whom they had an inherent connection with, or a object they wielded often in life. These spirits can teach abilities and lesson long since lost to time and many notable Lords of the Sith have been recorded to have come back as Force Ghosts. So if you are delving into tombs be warned a Spirit may not be so welcoming to your plundering of their treasures and attempt to kill you.
Force ghost
The Force ghost was the soul and essence of a deceased Force-sensitive who denied the will of the Force upon death, yet was able to interact with the living, albeit not physically....
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Atira/Schentrig DarthAliitFMLOS Lore of the Day: The leader of the first official Sith! The way in which we act and fight for today are because of him and his followers! The Jedi shun change, shun progress, and because he found a better more powerful way for the jedi to live they sought them out to punish them. Once costly fighting was done and the the Jedi punished for their trespass they made the mistake of leaving them alive. They instead banished him and his followers, but this did not stop their study! They improved, prospered and grew our civilization into what it is today. And we shall never forget their betrayal. Rumors of Ajunta Pall's redeeming are told today, but that is all it is rumors and heresay from the Jedi whom seek to redeem all to a lighter and weaker path.

Ajunta Pall
Ajunta Pall was a male Human Jedi Master and the leader of the Dark Jedi that were exiled from the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic following the Hundred-Year Darkness. Upon hi...
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