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Reminder of event Valiant Formation on 2019-03-27 08:00:00 pm
Weekly Valiant Ascent formation.
Vellia Lari KoS Jr OffKoS Lore of the Day: Learn about the difference between the many organisms on a level of intelligence.
Sentience was the ability of a species to think intelligently. It was commonly determined by the being's ability to reason, speak, and manipulate tools. Creatures that completely l...
Kat SGT  created a new thread Potion of Increased Maximum Magicka [Open] in the Alchemy Contract Requests forum
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Jey DarthOne of the first anointed Lords of the Sith, this man enjoyed creating mindless thralls for re-educational purposes.
Karness Muur
Karness Muur was once a respected Knight of the Jedi Order. However, his lust for power caused him to study the nature of the dark side. He became one of the Dark Jedi during the H...
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Jey DarthLead by Ajunta Pall, an advocate of Civil Rights. An intellectual. This war would be the foundations of the Sith's quest for eternal life and galactic bliss.
Hundred-Year Darkness/Legends
The Hundred-Year Darkness, also known as the Second Great Schism, was a conflict that began in 7000 BBY and lasted until approximately 6900 BBY, when a group of Dark Jedi created m...
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Jey DarthThis may happen if you do not follow the scientific method. The Jedi did not, the Sith do however. Science!
Force Vampire
The Force Vampire, formerly known as Jedi Knight Tel Angor, was the result of the Order of the Silver Jedi's experiments into creating a living symbol of the light side of the Forc...
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