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DirtyGoblin   created a new thread DartyGooblin/DirtyGoblin Appears Late as **** in the Start Here forum
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Reminder of event Valiant Formation on 2019-01-23 08:00:00 pm
Weekly Valiant Ascent formation.
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Jen J.KnightAliitMoASGTNot to be confused omerta, it is very much the opposite of omerta. Don't get confused.
Kajidic was the name of the Hutt philosophy which guided most of Hutt daily life and politics. It was developed by the Hutt Budhila Hestilic Amura after the Hutts relocated to Nal ...
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Jevlas Darth  So, its like omerta?
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Jen J.KnightAliitMoASGTThis flawless queen killed many Jed'aii.
Hadiya, the Despot Queen, was a female Twi'lek who united the crime barons of her homeworld of Shikaakwa and then conquered the rest of the Tython system. When she was challenged b...
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Frog Aliit  messing up my 777.77 <.<
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Jen J.KnightAliitMoASGTNot to be confused with the power of friendship.
Force harmony
Force harmony was a light side Force power that allowed several Force-users to join their Force energies together in a pure and powerful manifestation of the light side. Bathing th...
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