Valiant Ascent Mission Debrief
(11 January 2019)
Participants: Ian, Nola, Talon, Kyraz, Sarda, Sybil, Etrata
Mission Objectives: To discover if there was, indeed, (a) traitor(s) present in the Summit
Mission Intent: To determine if the traitor(s) were present at the Ascent and, if they were no longer there, where they could be.
Mission Summary: For the past few weeks, small irregularities have been spotted in the Ascent. Strange figures being sighted, things being slightly out of place, and whispers that someone in the Ascent was feeding information to Stonewall. However, with Stonewall in custody and Jaina taking Athos captive, demanding Stonewall's return, Sertoria has begun to suspect that, if any of Athos' loyalists remained in the Ascent, they were really working for Jaina in an attempt to get her what she wanted.

Sarda mentioned finding something strange during one of his surveillance runs, which led the group to the endurance course. After some searching, Kyraz found a note, detailing Athos' failure in getting Stonewall back into the Mists for questioning. Nola found some footprints that didn't belong, and Ian was able to use time magic to see who left the note. However, the figure was cloaked, and the only definitive thing they could see was that it was not an asura or a charr.

Talon was able to locate a listening device, and he and Ian were able to trace it to a hub back in the barracks. They were able to trace that hub to the suspected location of Poisonreign's lab, which led to concerns from Talon that every human in Ebonhawke could be in danger. Plans were made to start taking precautions to ensure the safety of Ebonhawke, and the hunt for the traitor or traitors would continue in force after time to prepare.
Key Issues/Injuries Sustained: N/A
Signed: Sertoria Bladefang