Valiant Ascent Mission Debrief
*Omaros Wolffang
*Sertoria Bladefang
*Kyraz Shadowstep
*Talon Poisonquill
*Etrata Waverender

Mission Objectives:
To rescue Athos Gale from being captured by Volkan Wenthe
To rescue any survivors from the ambush described by Rhek

Mission Intent:
To ensure the safety of Athos Gale and to ascertain the amount of losses suffered

Mission Summary:
A briefing being conducted by Omaros Wolffang is interrupted by Rhek, who is joined by 2 hooded figures carrying in a severely wounded Archer Gale. Rhek informs Omaros that Athos and his forces were ambushed in the Mists. Omaros assembles a team and follows Rhek to the site of the ambush: a now frozen lake, where over 70 of Athos' men lay dead. Rhek describes how it was only one person who did all this, referring to Volkan. Upon further inspection by Sardaveril, it was shown that the bodies suffered peculiar wounds. All of the wounds inflicted left behind the essence of chaos magic as well as an unknown magic. Before the team can conduct their search further, one of the soldiers suddenly stands up in the distance and begins to walk towards the team. Upon getting closer, it was observed that the soldier had pale white skin, and completely black eyes. The soldier then extended his jaw to a length biologically impossible for a human. Soon after, the other soldiers 'rose from the dead' and circled the group. Omaros gave the order to attack, and the group began to cut down several of the risen soldiers. Suddenly, the soldiers stopped moving towards the group, freezing in place. A ghostly ship emerged, and a lightning bolt struck the ice in front of the group. Jaina, the woman seen often with Athos, emerged. She demanded that her 'plaything' Stonewall be turned over, or Athos would be killed, revealing that she was, in some way, allied with Volkan. The demands were quickly rebuked. Jaina then summoned a giant ice wyrm from the ice, and disappeared. The team managed to kill the ice wyrm with minimal injuries. Rhek took one of the risen soldiers back to the Summit for study.

Key Issues/Injuries Sustained:
*Multiple cuts, bruises, and bite marks reported, but no serious injuries sustained.